5 reasons why Cork should be your next career destination

Posted in News on 8th May 2019

For many expats relocating to Ireland, Dublin often gets first consideration. But what about Cork and all it has to offer as Ireland’s second largest city?

The trend has started to shift, in favour of Cork, with a large number of professionals across a wide variety of industries deciding to call Cork home.

Here are five reasons why:

Cork is hot on Dublin’s tail when it comes to job opportunities.

Over the past number of years, tech giant Apple has continued to increase its head count in Cork now closing in on 6,000 employees across three locations in Cork, almost 25% of their European employment.

The multinational conglomerate company Johnson Controls (now merged with Tyco) has established a business services centre in Cork City with the end goal of creating positions for up to 500 people.

Moreover, Cork is quickly becoming an IT capital of Europe with companies such as VMware, Facebook, Qualcomm, EMC, McAfee and more all setting up offices in the city. There is a great mix of global technology companies and cutting edge start up technology companies based here.

From a personal viewpoint, my own market has never been busier with a great range of roles for any of those with multilingual experience.

The cost of living is significantly lower in Cork than in Dublin. Studies published by Numbeo, in conjunction with Newstalk stated “you would need approximately €4,000 in Dublin to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with €3,000 in Cork (assuming you rent).”

Rent prices in Dublin are almost 60% higher than in Cork
Consumer prices are almost 8% higher in Dublin than in Cork